Find Your Ring Size

We have two methods for you to find your ring size.

– If you don’t have a ring and you will get your first ring please use Method 1.
– If you have a ring and want to place an order of the same size please use Method 2.
– We have also a Secret Method to surprise someone. You can download and print our Secret Method Sheet by clicking HERE.
– Still not sure about your ring size? Place your order with the “I will inform size later – Custom Size” option and our experts will contact you to determine your ring size. If it is still not fit you can exchange/resize it for Free!

Check below video guide below to measure your ring size. You can also use a strip of paper instead of rope.

Method 1:

Gk Jewelers - Ring Size

Method 2:

ring size chart

Now follow the ring size chart below to determine your size with the measurements taken from the above-mentioned methods. For example, if your measurement taken from method 1 (circumference) is 57mm or 2.24 inches, your size would be US 8 or Pakistan size 17-18. (For the best experience of our ring size guide use mobile in landscape mode)

US 3.04-544.2mm14.07mm
US 3.5645.5mm14.48mm
US 4.0746.8mm14.88mm
US 4.5848mm15.29mm
US 5.09-1049.3mm15.70mm
US 5.51150.6mm16.10mm
US 6.01251.9mm16.51mm
US 6.51353.1mm16.92mm
US 7.014-1554.4mm17.32mm
US 7.51655.7mm17.73mm
US 8.017-1857mm18.14mm
US 8.51958.3mm18.54mm
US 9.02059.5mm18.95mm
US 9.52160.8mm19.35mm
US 1022-2362.1mm19.76mm
US 10.52463.4mm20.17mm
US 112564.4mm20.57mm
US 11.52665.9mm20.98mm
US 1227-2866.6mm21.39mm
US 12.52968.5mm21.79mm
US 133070mm22.30mm
US 13.53171mm22.61mm
US 1432-3373mm23.2mm
US 14.5 73.6mm23.42mm

We have a free resizing/exchange service for wrong measurements.


If you are not sure about your ring size, you can place an order for the “custom size – I will inform size later” option. Once you complete your order payment you will receive an order number. We need 2 days to prepare your ring and sizing is our last step before shipping out. At this time you can check your ring size at any local jewelry shop and inform us of your order number by sending us an email to [email protected]